How Long Before the Rehabilitation of Donald Trump?

Not all that long, I believe.

Almost every  president leaves the white House at the end of their term with some criticism behind him. Not many are on the scale of Trump but I believe Trump’s future will be bright  for several reasons.

First, and most of all, are the 75 Million people who voted for him and will never abandon him. Some, perhaps many, of Trump’s critics will soften their views and come to see him in a different light. His many accomplishments will come to shine brighter as some of those critics witness how awful are the policies that will be proposed by Democrats. Packing the Supreme Court didn’t work for FDR and  I don’t think today’s Americans will applaud it either.

Gun control has never worked out well for Democrats who are poised to introduce many draconian new gun laws. They have forgotten what gun control proposals did for them in 2010 and 2012 when they first lost the House and then the Senate. In addition to weird and stupid gun laws they rammed Obamacare down our throats and that also cost them at the ballot box.

Of course, they are not afraid of the ballot box near as much since they have now perfected fraudulent voting. They might over reach on this, however. By the time the 2022 elections come around more and more people will have learned just how fraudulent the 2020 elections were, including the Georgia run off and not just the presidential election.

As more people come to see the truth of what happened then, they will be more vigilant in 2022. They will likely be more willing to agree with Republicans that steps need to be taken to make it more difficult to steal an election. Many people already have seen how election integrity has been eviscerated by Democrats. More will come to that conclusion as time goes on. More will be angry as they realize their vote was stolen in 2020.

Most presidents leave office a few points lower in prestige than they went in with. It seems to be an American tradition to have a lower opinion of an outgoing president, but his reserection seems to come along a short while afterword.

Trump will benefit by some of that. More people will come to realize how good a president he really was. This will be easier as the electorate see just how radical the Democrats have become.

Biden is senile and getting worse making it likely that the goofy Kamala Harris will take his place. Her liberalism knows no bounds and will disappoint , even anger, a lot of people. Some, yea many, will be wishing Trump had got a second term.

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