A Horrifying Photo

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The scene above isn’t from a foreign country. It’s happening right here in America.

Law-abiding citizens in Connecticut are being forced to line-up and register their firearms with the government.

How long do you think it will be before anti-gun politicians turn these REGISTERED firearms into BANNED and CONFISCATED firearms?

If this can happen anywhere in America, it can happen everywhere.
And right now, Barack Obama and his gun control allies are plotting new ways to bring Connecticut’s freedom-crushing horror show to every corner of America.

Barack Obama is bearing down hard on our Senators and congressmen. Talking heads in the anti-gun media are on a constant campaign for more gun bans, restrictions, and yes, mandatory national gun registration.

Our fight over the next several months is critical to freedom’s survival. And your help is needed  as soon as possible.

Please consider contributing to the NRA-ILA

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