“Hope And Change Turns Out To Be Discord and Confusion”

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From ReasonTV:

“Few legal scholars have blown as many minds and had the tangible impact that Richard Epstein has managed. His 1985 volume, Takings: Private Property and the Power of Eminent Domain is a case in point. Epstein made the hugely controversial argument that regulations and other government actions such as environmental regulations that substantially limit the use of or decrease the value of property should be thought of as a form of eminent domain and thus strictly limited by the Constitution. The immediate result was a firestorm of outrage followed by an acknowledgment that the guy was onto something.”

Read the whole thing at ReasonTV.

Having spent the entire day trying to navigate the labyrinthian mess that Obamacare has created for anyone on Medicare this video hit the mark with me. For seniors, everything was going along pretty well with Medicare Advantage before Obamacare screwed it up, basically by strangling it to death. How anyone over 65 (or anyone who thinks they might be over 65 some day) will ever vote for a Democrat again is beyond me, at least after they find out what has been done to them.

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