Hillary reported to have sold favors for Clinton Foundation donations

From John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog:

The Hill reports on allegations in the International Business Times (IBT) that, as Secretary of State, Clinton turned a blind eye to substantial allegations of human rights violation in Colombia committed against workers at an oil company owned by a major Clinton Foundation donor. Notwithstanding these allegations, which were similar to ones that had led candidate Hillary Clinton to oppose a trade deal with Colombia, Clinton’s State Department touted Colombia’s human rights record and back the trade agreement, says the IBT.

The oil company in question, Pacific Rubiales, was founded by Frank Giustra, who is described as a “friend and traveling companion” of former President Clinton. Giustra has donated more than $130 million to Clinton’s philanthropies. He’s also a Clinton Foundation board member and has participated in projects and benefits for the Foundation.

See, the Clintons don’t really believe in anything that could be called a personal principle or conviction.  They don’t even have an ideology.  They believe only in money and power, in either order.  They believe in whatever they can get away with, and the national media has protected them to an extent that enabled them to get away with every rotten despicable thing they’ve ever done.  That was the past. The future could be different. If the media makes you, the media can unmake you.

Hinderaker adds: “A friend and traveling companion” of Bill Clinton? There could be more than one scandal here.

Yeah, we know what Bill Clinton and his traveling companions are all about.

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