Hillary pushed the phony video story at the funeral of the Ambassador murdered in Benghazi

This video is 39 minutes but Hillary’s cover story baloney blaming an internet video for the Benghazi terrorist attack begins at 16:25 and goes through about 17:45 minutes.

The reason they trotted out this sleazy coverup was to avoid contradicting their narrative that Obama had Al Qaeda and the terrorists on the run. There wasn’t supposed to be any terrorism anymore, Obama had fixed that. At least that was the narrative they were pushing at the time. Benghazi was so terribly inconvenient. So they trumped up the video ruse and shamefully keep it up, even at the funeral, thinking it would never blow up in their face. Now it has.

I bet the families of those who were killed are livid, finding out how they were lied to, even at the funeral.

Remember, it’s always the cover up that gets you in the most trouble.

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