Hillary is no friend of women

Denise C. McAllister at The Federalist:

Hillary Clinton Is No Friend of Women

Hillary’s policies are bad for women, as they rob us of independence and dignity. Big government is no friend to women, and abortion is a violent assault on women’s bodies and hearts. It’s not a right, it’s a lie.

Another Clinton administration will most certainly usher in darker days for American women.

Open immigration, and Hillary’s tolerance of Islamic patriarchy and her blindness to the evils of jihad, is a threat to women in this country. Just look at Europe—the increase in rapes from “refugees”—and the Middle East, where women and little girls are raped, mutilated, and killed. Hillary’s policies would bring that to America, putting women here at risk.

Hillary’s plan to use executive orders for gun control is a direct attack on women. We are the weaker sex, physically speaking. We need to be able to defend ourselves. Our country’s Founders gave us the right to that defense. The Second Amendment protects everyone, but mostly the weak and the vulnerable—that includes women. Taking away my right to a gun leaves me exposed to the violence and cruelty of those who want to rob me of my life, property, and dignity.

Trump stands opposed to these threats. Will he hold to his promises, to the policies he says he supports? I don’t know. But I do know that another Clinton administration will most certainly usher in darker days for American women.

Trump, therefore, is my only option at this point to stop the Clintons and the Democratic Party, to put an end to their corruption, sexism, and political agenda that will make women less safe, less prosperous, and less free. Do I deserve to be called indecent or a coward because I support Trump? Is it right for others to double my shame by using me and my pain for their own political purposes?

As a woman who has been at the mercy of those who are stronger and more powerful, I refuse to elect a candidate whose oppressive ideology puts women at risk, reduces them to dependants on the state, and uses them as pawns in her personal quest for power.

Is Trump the same? I don’t know. I don’t have proof of that. I do know the party he represents is not hostile to women, but supports policies that protect them and honor their dignity and rights. That’s not true of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Given her history—a history replete with sexism and policies that assault women—I refuse to let her lies and the false sympathies of Michelle Obama become the standard by which I choose the next president.

Hillary is the mob  boss who mounts an attack on the women her husband abuses. Nobody who thinks straight could believe Hillary Clinton is a champion for women’s rights. She cares about only one woman on this planet.

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