Hillary is a liar, she lied about Benghazi, so what?

That Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar is one of those things I call, “True, but not profound.”   It’s not profound because everybody knows it but it has no effect either on Mrs. Clinton herself or on her supporters. They know it, and they don’t care.

The Benghazi hearing before a select Congressional committee this past week found several smoking guns of Clinton’s abject bald-faced lying. Never mind, the mainstream media had nothing but praise for Hillary Clinton and declared that she really smoked those Republicans.  To the liberal media it’s not that Hlllary lied about Benghazi that gets them going, it’s the audacity of the Republicans trying to make a big deal of it. Just who do they think they are, anyway? What, do they think we care that Hillary lied? They’re wasting their time. They kept this poor woman in their clutches for 11 hours and for what? To show us that she’s a liar?  Get real you dumb jerks.

Something a little different did come out of that hearing, however. Something that the media and Mrs. Clinton should be taking seriously. It’s not just that Hillary is a liar, even a worse liar than her husband if that’s possible. It’s that she stood in front of the caskets of the Benghazi victims and lied to their families about how and why their loved ones died. While telling them some stupid youtube video was to blame and “We’re going to get the guy who made that video,” she knew perfectly well, as she had already told her daughter Chelsea, that it was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack responsible for their deaths. She knew very well that all requests for more security had been denied and that they had been left to fend for themselves. She lied to protect Obama’s mantra, “Al Qaeda is on the run.” She lied to avoid possible damage to Obama’s upcoming re-election in 2012.

To stand and spew a sewer of lies to grieving families of dead American heroes goes beyond mere political lying that is unfortunately quite common in Washington DC. This episode separates her from the rest of the pack. This was the act of a cold-hearted woman with a reptilian mind who could later yell at Senator Ron Johnson, “At this point Senator, what difference does it make?”

We can hope that the American people are better than Mrs. Clinton and her media lapdogs and that it will make a difference to them.

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