Hillary Clinton — Furniture Thief

It has been widely reported that when Hillary Clinton left the White House in January, 2000 she “stole” about $200,000 in White House furniture, lamps, artwork and other items. A Google search will bring up dozens of sources for this story, or “rumor”, if you’re a lefty. The liberal sites, such a Snopes, parse the words of the rumor to try to call it “mostly false” or some other sort of hedge words, but the facts seem pretty clear that the Clintons removed a lot of stuff from the White House that belongs to the American people, and she was “forced” to return it all. Some of the liberal websites say she voluntarily returned the loot and the value was less than $200,000. That’s all spin and the fact remains the Clintons took more than a felony amount of stuff that bleongs to us, they got caught and the returned it. Well, that’s not entirely reliable. They returned a lot of furniture, artwork, and other items, but we’ll probably never know the full extent of what they took and what they returned.

One thing we do know. They commited grand larceny in the classic common law sense of “taking and carrying away” personel property that didn’t belong to them with the intent to permanently deprive the lawful owners of its possession.

Now the facts of what they did in January, 2000 are reinforced with new stories that when Hillary Clinton left the Stare Department she stole furniture owned by the government, i.e, the American people, and transferred it to her residence in Washington DC.

The lady is a tramp.

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