Hillary Clinton flies to Middle East, announces ceasefire, poses for photos, within 20 minutes Hamas resumes pounding Israel with rockets

Hamas resumes pounding Israel with missiles within 20 minutes.  Twenty missiles launched within first hour,  11-year old Israeli boy hurt.

Hillary Clinton is a ridiculous but not very amusing buffoon. [Why is she posing with Mahmoud Abbas? He has no control over Hamas.]

Hamas originally called for a ceasefire, but Middle East watchers know from experience that Hamas only calls for a ceasefire when they are losing ground and want time to rebuild or reposition.  It didn’t take they them long this time and probably were ready to resume pounding Israel a day ago but held off only long enough for Hillary Clinton to show up and make a fool of herself.

Israel stops many but not all of the Hamas rockets with its Iron Dome, which is the missile defense system that Ronald Reagan wanted for the United States but we didn’t get and don’t have it now because liberals made such a fuss.  More on Iron Dome.

Iron Dome intercepting rocket fired on Ashdod after ceasefire.


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