Here’s Why We’re Psychologically Screwed Up For The Age We Live In

It’s because our brains began evolving about 2 million years ago, around the time Australopithecus became extinct and Hominids started the journey from Homo Habilis to Homo Erectus, and finally to Homo Sapiens (us). Two million years is roughly 100,000 human generations. Agriculture arose only about 500 generations ago. All hominids were hunter-gatherers before that. In evolutionary time, five hundred generations is not long enough for much fundamental brain development to occur. Our brains are perfectly adapted to the hunter-gatherer existence that dominates our time line on this earth. But all we have to do is wait it out. In another say, 50,000 generations or so, our brains will be structurally well adapted to the 21st century. That will be in the year 1,002,011. The 10,020th century.

By that time we might actually have figured out how to supply our electricity needs from windmills.

*According to the Chinese who claim to have found it the skull above is 100,000 years old, or from 5,000 generations ago.  Except for the razor-sharp jutting jawbone, protruding eyebrows and small forehead,  it looks about like ours doesn’t it.  The brain cavity is much like ours, with a prominent frontal lobe area.

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