Here’s what to know about John Boehner’s pending resignation

John Boehner’s decision to resign drew this from Rep. Peter King (R-NY)

“I’m disappointed. This is a victory for the crazies,” King told Newsday. “You can’t appease these people.”

Appease? Since when have Peter King’s branch of Republicans ever tried to appease conservatives. All they’ve tried to do is deprive conservatives of their positions in Congress and drive them out of the party. Conservatives believe the same things the founders of America believed and to King I guess that’s crazy.

Besides, King may be wrong that conservatives even deserve the credit for Boehner’s decision to resign,

Erick Erickson at Restate:

If you are going to prognosticate, pound your chest, and lament that Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) is resigning from Congress on October 30th, don’t blame conservatives.

The truth is that conservatives alone did not have the votes to end John Boehner’s tenure. There were only twenty or so conservatives holding fast against Boehner, but their numbers did grow closer to thirty, which put Boehner in need of Democrat votes.

That said, Boehner was losing more than thirty votes in the end and whoever is the next Speaker should understand why.

What was affecting Boehner was an increasing unwillingness to give anyone a seat at the table he did not like. Conservatives knew they could not do business with Boehner, but it became increasingly obvious that no one else could do business with Boehner if they were not already in his club. He relied more and more on outside voices, which played to caricatures of an out of touch Speaker

But over the August recess, congressmen went home and were increasingly alarmed by voter anger. Likewise, Presidential candidates began calling Boehner out on the campaign trail to great applause. It was a sign that there was a problem. Boehner loyalists like Congressman Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) began openly talking about the end game for Boehner and that Boehner did not have the votes to survive a challenge.

Boehner lost the ability to bully conservatives because outside conservative groups started making those guys heroes and household names for standing up to Boehner. Conservatives built themselves infrastructure to fundraise for themselves when Boehner shut off K Street spigots.

And now Boehner had closed his doors not just to social conservatives, but fiscal conservatives and war hawks. All he had left were a small group of moderates and the assistance of the Democrats. He could not survive a motion to vacate the chair with that. He had to resign.

John Boehner is out not because of bad deals, but because of bad manners. He wanted to be Speaker of the House, but increasingly only acted as Speaker for those members of congress he liked. At first that included more Democrats than conservatives. But in the end, it included more Democrats than Republicans at all.

Had Boehner and his staff just treated his Republican congressman nicely, this would not have happened. That is what you must understand.

The biggest winner here is not Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) the Majority Leader and now probably the next Speaker, but Heritage Action for America. The outside activist group has shown it can help conservatives whether being marginalized by House Leadership and reassured men on the inside that there was a majority on the outside who supported them and could help them. Knowing that kept conservatives on the inside emboldened and able to keep moving forward without fear of retribution from leadership.

John Boehner should have noticed that the times were changing when Virginia Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his seat in 2014. Cantor was expected to be the next Speaker of the House but lost his seat because Virginia GOP voters were tired of Republicans who smile at their Democrat enemies and snarl at their own voters. Boehner never fully appreciated that.

Mitch McConnell, do we have your attention? We know you despise Donald Trump and the Tea Party, but do you understand that Trump’s success and the rise of the Tea Party Movement are largely the result of the way you and John Boehner have refused to provide any political opposition to Barack Obama and his leftist agenda for America? No, you don’t know that and even if you did you probably wouldn’t care.

Kevin McCarthy is likely to be the next speaker and he is a clone of John Boehner. So is nothing accomplished? Well, we should remember that the key to politics is that if we wait for the right people to be elected we’ll never get anywhere. What is needed is a political climate where even the wrong people learn that it is in their interest to do the right thing.

The Speaker of the House does not have to be an elected member of the House. The Speaker of the House is third in the line of succession to the presidency in the event a sitting president vacates the office. Trump for Speaker!

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