Here is the proof that the United States in not a racist society

Without Elitist Racialism, There Is Little Racism

Racialism is simply a useful tool used by white and black political elites to keep alive the fear that there are whites out there who want to exploit blacks and the only safety is in continuing to vote for the party that will protect them.  So, we are living in a country where the racialist political elites and their media allies are fomenting the fear of racism in a society in which race distinction has never been of so little importance.

Racialism is used to get and hold power. It only works because we are not a racist country. Calling someone a racist can give the accuser the upper hand only because there is almost no actual racism. People who are not racist consider those who are racist to be repugnant. Those who are not racist are the majority. Therefore, nobody wants to be thought a racist. Nobody wants to be thought repugnant by most other people.

If this were the late 19th Century there would be little to gain by calling someone a racist because at that time racism was not repugnant to most people, as it is today. Now there is lots to gain by labeling someone you don’t like as a racist.

This is changing. The next step will be when the majority of people will begin to find it repugnant for anyone to make false allegations of racism. Then calls of racism will no longer be effective for obtaining and holding power.

Democrat Ralph Northam won the Virginia governor’s race by calling Ed Gillespie a racist. Gillespie is not a racist. I consider Northam’s tactic despicable. If everyone else did his defamation of Gillespie would have failed.

We are good people for not being racist. But allowing the race card to be a refuge for scoundrels should not be tolerated by good people.

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