Heather MacDonald: “Hard Data, Hollow Protests”

Do you have a short list of authors and writers you like so well you read everything they write? I do. If you do also may I suggest you add Heather MacDonald to your list, that is if she isn’t already on it. She writes so well and always has a bundle of facts and statistics as back up for her statements and conclusions. You don’t have to take her word for anything, she’ll give you the links to the sources so you can check it out for yourself.  The good thing about having writers you can trust is that you reach a point where you no longer have to go the sources they cite unless you just want to read more about whatever it is.

MacDonald writes for City Journal, the journal of the Manhattan Institute. City Journal is the intelligent alternative to the New Yorker. Well, that’s not the smartest comparison I’ve ever made. The two are very different but I think devoted New Yorker readers would benefit by adding City Journal to their reading list. Of course, that won’t happen. Way too many inconvenient truths for typical New Yorkers to handle.

Here are a few from Heather MacDonald’s latest in City Journal:

The FBI released its official crime tally for 2016 today, and the data flies in the face of the rhetoric that professional athletes rehearsed in revived Black Lives Matter protests over the weekend.  Nearly 900 additional blacks were killed in 2016 compared with 2015, bringing the black homicide-victim total to 7,881. Those 7,881 “black bodies,” in the parlance of Ta-Nehisi Coates, are 1,305 more than the number of white victims (which in this case includes most Hispanics) for the same period, though blacks are only 13 percent of the nation’s population. The increase in black homicide deaths last year comes on top of a previous 900-victim increase between 2014 and 2015.

Who is killing these black victims? Not whites, and not the police, but other blacks. In 2016, the police fatally shot 233 blacks, the vast majority armed and dangerous, according to the Washington Post. That classification masks assaults against officers and violent resistance to arrest. Contrary to the Black Lives Matter narrative, the police have much more to fear from black males than black males have to fear from the police. In 2015, a police officer was 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male was to be killed by a police officer. Black males have made up 42 percent of all cop-killers over the last decade, though they are only 6 percent of the population. That 18.5 ratio undoubtedly worsened in 2016, in light of the 53 percent increase in gun murders of officers—committed vastly and disproportionately by black males. Among all homicide suspects whose race was known, white killers of blacks numbered only 243.

The Washington Post and the FBI are the sources for these facts, not some conservative website or publication. The Washington Post!  To a New Yorker the Washington Post is their number two newspaper after the NYT, which is their bible. but that won’t stop form disbelieving all this. It’s reality which seems to be optional for liberals and progressives and NFL millionaires.

Did you know that a high number of Americans still believe OJ was innocent and that the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie is true? “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is the vicious lie that Michael Brown was trying to surrender to police officer Darren Wilson and Wilson shot him. It’s a lie. Michael Brown was trying to wrest Darren Wilson’s gun away from him and Wilson would likely be dead today if he had not shot Michael Brown first. The most dangerous thing that can happen to a police officer is to have a suspect take his gun from him.

What have these lies led to? They have led to cops backing off from proactive policing in high-crime minority neighborhoods, and that has led to this:

Violent crime has now risen by a significant amount for two consecutive years. The total number of violent crimes rose 4.1 percent in 2016, and estimated homicides rose 8.6 percent. In 2015, violent crime rose by nearly 4 percent and estimated homicides by nearly 11 percent. The last time violence rose two years in a row was 2005–06.  The reason for the current increase is what I have called the Ferguson Effect. Cops are backing off of proactive policing in high-crime minority neighborhoods, and criminals are becoming emboldened. Having been told incessantly by politicians, the media, and Black Lives Matter activists that they are bigoted for getting out of their cars and questioning someone loitering on a known drug corner at 2 AM, many officers are instead just driving by. Such stops are discretionary; cops don’t have to make them. And when political elites demonize the police for just such proactive policing, we shouldn’t be surprised when cops get the message and do less of it. Seventy-two percent of the nation’s officers say that they and their colleagues are now less willing to stop and question suspicious persons, according to a Pew Research poll released in January. The reason is the persistent anti-cop climate.

Who pays the price for this? Crime victims, both white and black, that’s who. Even if neither you nor a friend or family member experiences this trend directly, we are adversely affected indirectly by the higher cost of government and the lowering of the standard of living by having to live in heighten fear of becoming a crime victim.

Four studies came out in 2016 alone rebutting the charge that police shootings are racially biased. If there is a bias in police shootings, it works in favor of blacks and against whites. That truth has not stopped the ongoing demonization of the police—including, now, by many of the country’s ignorant professional athletes. The toll will be felt, as always, in the inner city, by the thousands of law-abiding people there who desperately want more police protection.

If you aren’t already reading everything Heather Macdonald writes I urge you to think about adding her and City Journal to your list of favorite authors and websites. We more places where we can find the truth about what is going on. The  old media in America will never tell you the truth unless they accidentally stumble into it, as did the Washington Post this time. It won’t happen often.

Speaking of websites you should read regularly, may I suggest….


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