Hawaii undercover cops want to keep it legal for them to have sex with prostitutes as part of an investigation

I first thought this was an early April fool’s joke, but the news about it’s everywhere.  It’s not a story about cops having sex with prostitutes. We already knew about that. We already knew that some unscrupulous cops use the badge to get freebies from prostitutes.  This is different. This is cops having sex with prostitutes as part of an investigation and under approved policies of the police department. That’s new.  That’s an abuse of power to top all abuses of power. That’s a human rights violation. That’s a violation of another human being’s dignity.  And for what?  I thought even if decency and morality weren’t enough to condemn cops having sex with someone in connection with a police investigation it was prohibited because it would compromise the police officer’s credibility as a witness by making him or her an interested party, and taint any physical evidence gathered as well.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all you find out you haven’t.

The criminal defense bar will love this.  This is a criminal defense lawyer’s dream.  They’ll be having orgasms themselves with all the fun they’ll be having cross examining police officers in Honolulu.  A Ducati is motorcycle sex and Honolulu criminal trials will become courtroom sex.

I remember a case where a female cop had sex with a material witness. It was completely outside of the actual investigation which had been completed long before the sex occurred.  The cop herself was only peripherally involved in the investigation, but involved enough so that was how she met the witness.  The witness had never been a suspect.  The cop was never a witness. It destroyed the case and the cop lost her job, nevertheless.

I hope all the good cops out there are just as flabbergasted about this as I am.


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