Happy 100th Birthday To The 1911 Pistol

It was March 29, 1911 — 100 years ago tomorrow — when the U.S. War Department adopted the .45 Automatic Pistol as the official sidearm of the military. This Tuesday, take a minute to consider that this great design still is considered one of the best fighting handguns in the world, it’s a staple of competition shooting, it’s made by more companies now than ever in its history, and it’s still one of the most shootable handguns ever created. A version of the 1911 is used by the LAPD elite SIS [Special Investigations Section] Tactical Detective Squad which does stakeout and undercover operations against LA’s most violent criminals. Their speciality is to track down LA’s most dangerous offenders and take them off the street.

For a time about 15 years ago there were only three or four companies making 1911s. But the popularity of the pistol has grown so that today there must be at least 25 companies making them in a multitude of designs and styles, all based upon John Browning’s original.

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