Guns Save Lives — A Recent Example

Thirty-four year old Kiet Thanh Ly, a South Vietnam national, bought a knife at a Salt Lake City Smith’s grocery store and then started stabbing people with it. He was able to seriously injure 2 people before a 47-year old man with a CCW permit intervened by pointing his gun at Ly and ordering him to drop the weapon. As soon as Ly dropped the knife several customers swarmed him and held him down until police arrived. No shots were fired. Ly was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of attempted murder and aggravated assault. Two victims remained in very critical but stable condition Friday at a local hospital, according to local news stories.

Newspapers report that Ly has a lengthy criminal record for violence.

The police gave high praise to the CCW holder who stopped the violence.

Gun trainer John Farnum, or is it Clint Smith? I forget which, but at least one of them has been known to ask new students at the beginning of a tactical class to state their understanding of the purpose of a gun. A lot of different answers can be given, but the one he tries to impress on them is that the purpose of a gun is to stop fights. Here a CCW holder used a gun to stop a frightening episode of unprovoked violence and no doubt saved many others from serious injury or death.

More information on the Salt Lake City stabber here and here.

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