Guns dangerous? Gun Ignorance is dangerous.

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rubber bulletsRyan J. Reilly writes for the Huffington Puffington Post. This sort of thing prompted Sean Davis to write:

Unfortunately, Reilly is hardly alone in his complete ignorance of how guns work. Our nation is facing an epidemic of gun-related misreporting. As a public service to those who have opinions about guns but don’t really want to spend much time learning anything about them, I’ve compiled a simple list of 14 basic things everyone should understand before writing or talking about guns.

You can check out those 14 things here.

Being in Colorado, I especially like Number 10:

10) High Capacity Magazine Bans Are Completely Counterproductive

In the wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting in Colorado, lawmakers in the state swiftly enacted bans on high capacity ammunition magazines. Just as that state’s rush to close the inaccurately named “gunshow loophole” following the Columbine massacre failed to prevent the Aurora shooting, so to will the magazine ban fail to prevent future mass shootings.

Governor John Hickenlooper already knows this. He said as much before he signed it into law.  I asked, “If you know it won’t do any good, it won’t prevent mass shootings, why are you signing it?”  Later he apologized to the Colorado Sheriff’s Association, which opposed this legislation, but later said he would sign it again anyway.

I know the reason.  Hickenlooper knows it won’t do anything to reduce gun violence, the legislators who passed it also know that.  They did it for the sole reason that they simply do not like lawful gun owners and this law will harass people they don’t like. It will not inconvenience criminals one bit, but they don’t care about that. They want to stick their thumb in the eyes of law-abiding gun owners.  That’s all this is about.

Guns are neither safe nor dangerous. Guns are inanimate objects that can be used by bad people in a dangerous manner, but are much more often used by good people to prevent bad people from using them dangerously.

The magazines the Democrats of Colorado banned are not “high” capacity; they are standard capacity, the standard magazines the manufacturer designates for a particular firearm.  The right to keep and bear arms includes the standard accouterments that the manufacturer has designed for the particular firearm. But the Democrats don’t care about that. They pass laws with an upraised finger at law-abiding good people they don’t like.

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