Guns and mental illness

Clayton Cramer on the Santa Monica College mass shooting:

What happened at Santa Monica College was not, at its core, a gun problem.  The root cause is most likely mental illness.  We have lots of tragedies happening on a daily basis in the U.S., and if they don’t involve guns, they get very little attention.  Consider this recent news account from Albuquerque, New Mexico: a man named Montano “stabbed, severely beat and kidnapped his mother and another person, and then threw his mother off a bridge into the Rio Grande in broad daylight.”  Why?  Montano told police that the people he attacked were clones; his real family was living underground.  In August of 2012, Montano was arrested after a disturbance in which he pushed his mother to the ground, and told her, “You have demons in you.”

We have a serious problem in this country with psychosis.  This is not new; what is new is that we no longer make a serious effort to protect not only the society, but those suffering from these severe mental illnesses, by providing the treatment that they desperately need.  Rather than confront this problem, the mainstream media keep screeching about gun control – ignoring not only that gun-control laws can’t do anything about the innumerable tragedies that do not involve guns, but very restrictive gun-control laws, such as California’s, do not seem to work.

The leftists who are screaming for more gun control are the very ones responsible for crippling our ability to deal with the severely mentally ill. They have disabled all effective methods of stopping psychotic killers [institutionalization] while at the same time infringing fundamental Constitutional rights of the sane and law abiding with statutes that don’t do one thing to stop, delay or even cause much inconvenience to the killers.

In Colorado, when the leftist Democrats in the legislature recently passed a passel of poorly worded and idiotic gun laws they even acknowledged that these laws would not have stopped the mass shootings by James Holmes at the Aurora theater or the rampage at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.

Well then, just what was the purpose here?

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