Gun grabbing Democrats in Colorado don’t care about human rights for the poor

The core holding in the United States Supreme Court’s opinion in DC v. Heller is that the Second Amendment secures for individuals their natural human right of self defense. The court held this to be a fundamental right that does not depend upon any law but is the right all people have simply by being human. It is one of those rights that the Declaration of Independence describes as “endowed by their Creator.”

The gun grabbers in the Colorado legislature are considering new gun laws to limit magazine size, impose background checks on casual sales between private citizens, disarm rape victims on university campuses, and require gun buyers to pay a fee for required background checks.

The fee for the proposed new background checks, like all such fees imposed by government, will increase the cost of already expensive firearms for low-income people who are likely to live in high crime areas and have special need for a gun to protect themselves and their families from criminals. An amendment to the bill was offered by the Republicans that would have exempted low-income persons from the fee, which the Democrats immediately defeated.

Jeff Goldstein at protein wisdom had this to say:

In the end, for all their bullshit about championing the little people — which is a carefully-constructed narrative that has been helped along by a progressive media and the left’s takeover of education, entertainment, and the like — what the left wants is one thing: a gentrified, neo-aristrocratic ruling class; and the rest of us, the masses, over which they will watch benevolently with an occasional stern hand should we get a bit too uppity.

If they can’t disarm you directly, they will figure out ways to make gun ownership increasingly rare and increasingly onerous. That their first targets in Colorado are those who are most directly affected by violent crimes committed by criminals is, truth be told, absolute proof that they care not a whit about gun violence, but rather care only about the long game of disarming the populace while increasingly militarizing the police.

For our own safety, of course.

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