Grizzly Burger Anyone?

A restaurant in Mesa, Arizona (Il Vinalo) is serving lion meat burgers. The restaurant says it is paying homage to South Africa for hosting The World Cup. Of course, animal rights activists are incensed. The African lion is a threatened species but not an endangered one. It is legal to eat the big cat and the meat being served in not from the wild but from lions raised on a free ranging animal farm in the Midwest, according to the local Fox channel 10 in Mesa.

The animal rights activists want to save the lion so I’m wondering why they are objecting to anyone eating lion meat. After all, you’ve never heard of any animal that humans eat being in any danger of going extinct. It just could be that eating lions will guarantee their future place on earth.

Which brings me to the spread of the grizzly bear out of the remote reaches of Yellowstone into just about all of Western Wyoming and, soon I’d say, to the Western slope of Colorado as well. It doesn’t appear that the grizzly is any longer in danger but that doesn’t mean the animal activists will ever be willing to let it be removed from the endangered species list.

But if they were really serious about assuring the continued viability of the grizzly I would think they’d be in favor of allowing hunting of grizzlies because all the animals humans hunt are plentiful, and also to encourage restaurants in say, Jackson, Wyoming, to begin serving grizzly burgers. I bet grizzly burritos would be a hit. The Snake River Brewing Company, affectionately called the Brew Pub and my favorite eating establishment, would no doubt run daily specials on grizzly pizza. The downtown business establishment in Jackson constantly worries about the continued plenitude of the tourist trade and the opportunity to eat grizzly would surely be an attraction. Grizzlies are much more closely related to the pig family than the dog family, and that bodes well for the taste of their meat.

Here is a short video by that lends support to this idea:

Cat lovers, no offense. I’m one of you.

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