Great Britain is committing slow suicide

Great Britain is committing slow suicide. Who will save it if its own people aren’t up to the task. No one else can. Great Britain is trying to abolish free speech, but not for everyone. Muslim immigrants can say anything they want, if they wanted. They don’t want to speak, They want to make bombs and kill people, and Great Britain is acting as if that’s just normal, or they deserve it, or something. Meanwhile, they takes free speech very seriously. They are not going to stand for it. If you’re a British subject they’ll put you in jail. If you’re an immigrant (except Muslims) who thinks you can stand up and speak your mind they’ll deport you.

But if you’re Muslim and you want to detonate a bomb on the London Tube, well that’s not so bad.

The Shadow Over Our Heads, Britains’ War On Free Speech

I wrote a week ago of the extraordinary detention and deportation by British authorities of three law-abiding middle-class persons from Austria, America and Canada – for the crime of wanting to speak at a free-speech event. This in a country where, as Douglas Murray explained to me last week on TV, Ahmed Hassan, an Iraqi teenager who informed immigration officials that he’d been trained by Isis “how to kill”, was nevertheless fast-tracked into Britain, and its public welfare system, and went on to detonate a nail bomb on the London Tube.

Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern have no wish to detonate nail bombs, or blow up pop concerts, or mow down pedestrians in rental cars, or decapitate British subjects. All they want to do is speak – and, for that very reason, they are deemed more dangerous than Mr Hassan. The pen is a greater threat to public order than the scimitar.

Read the whole thing. Great Britain is committing slow suicide. Is America next?

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