The graph that tells it all

As you drive along the interstates this summer and see all those massive wind turbines that are defiling the landscape and eating up billions of taxpayer dollars to pay the government subsidies without which none of it would exist, think also that if decarbonization [the supposed justification of all those wind turbines] is to be achieved by expanding renewables the expansion will have to come in wind, solar and biomass. The graph below tells the story. It shows how far growth in wind, solar and biomass has carried resulted in decarbonization so far:

Percentage of Global Energy Generated by wind, solar and biomass, 1965-2013:

It’s not happening and probably never will. In the meantime American taxpayers will continue to get soaked and the wind turbines gurus and the landowners who lease their land for them will continue to get richer.

This is what economists call “negative externalities,” costs that are imposed on parties who did not chose to bear them and get nothing in return for them.  He who picks up the tab for projects that enrich others is called the “forgotten man.”  That would be us schlubs who pay taxes.

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