Governor Culver Will Sign The Iowa CCW Improvements Bill

Two weeks ago I reported this:

    SF 2379 has been approved by overwhelming majorities in the both the House and Senate in Iowa and awaits the governor’s signature. It will make Iowa another “shall issue” state and all out-of-state permits will be recognized. It will also make open carry legal with a CCW permit. This is the first time I have seen open carry linked to a CCW permit.

Gun owners in Iowa have been waiting to see whether Governor Culver, a Democrat, will sign the bill. Today the Governor’s office announced he will sign SF 2379 this Thursday at 9:00 AM at the Governor’s Office in Des Moines.

The Bill does the following:

  • Shall Issue
  • Standardized Training
  • A 30-day time limit on issuing a permit
  • A tight appeals process
  • A CCW permits allows open carry as well as concealed carry — this is especially good because police can quickly determine if someone who is open carrying is doing so legally
  • Universal recognition of all out of state permits
  • No ability for the Sheriff to record make, model, SN, or ammunition type of any weapon during the permit process
  • Removal of all individual Federal disqualifiers, replaced with one sentence
  • Permits good for five years
  • Iowa has not been a shall issue state although permits were issued in most counties but under differing standards and it was generally what “may issue” always is, a general mess with some sheriffs issuing to all law-abiding citizens and some only to their cronies. Visitors were faced with uncertainty as whether or where they could carry. Now it will be standardized and all out of state permits recognized. That means Iowans can also carry in States like Wyoming that have the same type of law.

    This is good.

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