GOP’s best hope in November is Ted Cruz

Here are two things to read that make the case for Ted Cruz;

Four Reasons Republicans Should Rejoice at Cruz Beating Trump. Four excellent reasons in addition to the most obvious one: Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton because a GOP candidate that is intensely disliked by 2/3 of Republican voters and 100% of Democrat voters is not likely to win the general election. While Cruz’s favorable/unfavorable spread is -21 right now in the Real Clear Poltics average for the period 3/3 to 4/4, Trump’s spread is -36 over the same period. These numbers have not been updated since the Wisconsin primary and will likely tick favorably in Cruz’s direction when they are. If Trump continues his childish behavior, and it’s near certain that he will, his favorable/unfavorable spread can only increase.

What No One Seems To Know About Ted Cruz’s Past. This one will be an eye-opener for some people. As all this becomes more widely known Cruz’s favorable rating will increase dramatically.

The upshot is that Trump is a candidate that will probably have a lot of dirt taken out of the closet and shown to the world during the general election campaign. While that hasn’t hurt him with his faction of supporters up to this point, the stakes and the voter pool in the general election are much different and the media will be gunning for him. Cruz is a candidate who can only become more popular as more becomes known about his past and his qualifications to be President.

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