Good Night For The Tea Party, Sarah Palin, And Us

Mike Castle faced Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Republican primary for U.S. Senate today (Tuesday). O’Donnell won by 6 points. She is a solid conservative but also a political neophyte with no legislative experience, some bizarre behavior in her past, and is said to be 25 points behind Democrat Chris Coons who she will face in November. Castle, on the other hand, would have been the favorite to win the Delaware Senate seat for Republicans, but having lost the primary to O’Donnell he won’t get the chance. We are told that this is just awful because now the Democrats will surely keep the seat.

The Tea Party, and apparently Delaware Republican voters, say not so fast. Mike Castle is the quintessential RINO. He makes Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe look like conservatives. As a Congressman he voted to investigate George W. Bush for possible impeachment. He has worked with George Soros on some sort of political project. He really should be a Democrat and one wonders why he, and others such as Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, don’t just come clean and switch parties. At any rate, even if Delaware stays in the Democrat column, the voters seem to believe that is better than to have a liberal like Castle on the Republican side in the Senate spending every minute helping Democrats destroy America.

I think the Delaware Republican voters did the right thing in giving the Republican nomination to O’Donnell. They stuck their thumb right in the eye of the Republican old guard, and that in itself is a delight to behold.

She is 25 points behind Democrat Chris Coons. She was once about that far behind Mike Castle. She just might make up that 25 points between now and November. At any rate, it’s worth a try. Chris Coons is a complete left wing fruitcake. He is a radical socialist and marxist; in other words Obama would probably like to make him a czar of some kind. I’m betting even Delaware voters will be disgusted with him by November if O’Donnell, the Tea Party, and Sarah Palin can get the message out.

So I’m pleased with the outcome in Delaware and believe all conservatives should be. Winning should be looked at in the long run. Just keeping a Republican seat is not winning if you have to accept a RINO like Mike Castle to do it because in the long run he will confuse voters and undermine the conservative movement. When Republicans turn to the Mike Castles, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowes, John McCains, or Arlen Specters of this world they end up losing more than they hoped to gain because those sorry excuses for Republicans detract from the struggle to win the hearts and minds of voters and to make conservatism a force for good in America and in the lives of ordinary people.

In other good news Sharron Angle is one point ahead of Harry Reid in the latest poll, and Marco Rubio is the leader of the pack in Florida. Charlie Crist is in deep trouble, and I’m frolicking in schadenfreude. Heh.

UPDATE: Christine O’Donnell’s victory speech on Tuesday night [after the video starts you can click the x in the Google ad to get rid of it]:

UPDATE II: Castle will not endorse O’Donnell. Well, of course he won’t. She’s a conservative. Liberal RINOs despise conservatives. And typical of a Republicans establishment RINO, he’s a sore loser.

UPDATE III: Christine O’Donnell Gives The Republican Establishment A Thumpin’ by Byron York. “I think it’s time we showed the Delaware GOP that people with voting records like Castle’s need to be out of Congress,” said retired businessman Ed Heath a few moments after casting his vote in Bridgeville. “I think they’ve lost their way.”

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