Good News — More Places for Concealed Carry in Denver

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science joins the Denver Zoo, The Denver Art Museum and The Denver Botanic Gardens as public places where persons with CCW permits may carry their firearms. The San Bernardino shootings and the recognition that gun-free zones are magnets for terrorists was undoubtedly the key reason for this change in policy.

The Botanic Gardens doesn’t have an express policy on CCW but that means it’s not prohibited so by default it’s allowed.

Colorado law allows CCW permit holders to carry concealed in all but four specific locations:

  • Wherever prohibited by Federal Law
  • K-12 schools (there are exceptions to that)
  • Private Property if owner places signs visible to the public when entering
  • Public buildings that screen all persons entering with detection equipment (this last is loosely applied with some buildings merely posting signs, thus inviting terrorists and nut cases to shoot up the place. CCW holders, being law-abiding, respectful and never looking for trouble, generally obey the signs even though the building managers are not strictly following the law)

Wyoming is known for it’s gun friendly laws but prohibits concealed carry in eleven (11) specific places. This needs to be changed.

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