How you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm?

By keeping them from seeing Paris [pronounced “Paree“], that’s how.  Who is doing that?  The Left, that’s who.  Australian Aboriginals are slowly gaining back rights to some of their land only to be deprived of profiting from it by the Greens who have successfully imposed draconian land use restrictions on them.

This exchange between Margaret Thatcher the British Liberals in 1990 demonstrates the Left’s willingness to keep the poor from making any economic gains in order to prevent whomever they consider “rich” from getting any richer:

Green groups keep Aboriginal people in poverty

Nyunnggai Warren Mundine, an Aboriginal, writes:

In 2009, the Bligh Labor government declared three major Cape York rivers as “wild rivers”. It was a politically motivated decision to secure Greens preferences in a close state election. It locked up major areas of Queensland’s far north making it impossible for traditional owners to pursue developments, including things like horticulture and tourism. It made a mockery of the Labor party’s support for land rights. Aboriginal people in Cape York had their land but, unlike every other landowner in Australia, weren’t allowed to prosper from it.

The only way for Indigenous people to rise out of poverty is through commercial and economic development.

Globally about two-thirds of poverty reduction comes from economic growth. According to The Economist “the biggest poverty-reduction measure of all is liberalising markets to let poor people get richer. That means freeing trade between countries . . . and within them”.

But the Wilderness Society doesn’t want Aboriginal people who are living in poverty to get richer. This organisation was also instrumental in killing off the James Price Point gas hub.

That project became uneconomical, with protest and resistance at every stage of the pre-approval works. Woodside withdrew, to the great disappointment of the Aboriginal traditional owners who supported the project and were relying on it to spearhead economic development in their communities.

It’s the same everywhere in the world. The Left doesn’t want the poor to improve their economic condition, especially if the so-called “rich” might also gain. Here is yet another example of the Left fighting to keep poor people from gaining economically.

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