Gloria Allred Has Done Meg Whitman a Favor

Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is after Meg Whitman for firing her housekeeper when she learned the housekeeper is illegally in the United States. Allred gave a press conference showing a tearful women who apparently is the former housekeeper. This is, of course, an Allred stunt to help Jerry Brown and hurt Whitman’s chances to become California’s next governor. It’s probably going to backfire, and end up helping Whitman’s campaign.

Allred doesn’t have a legal theory for winning the case, but that doesn’t matter because she’s using the housekeeper as a pawn in an attempt to dim Whitman’s political lights. If it works, then it’s mission accomplished and the housekeeper will probably be deported to Mexico or whatever Central American country she comes from.

The facts of the matter make it likely that Whitman will benefit from this. When Whitman fired hired this housekeeper several years ago she was the CEO of eBay. As a CEO of a large corporation she knew that she had to avoid breaking any laws to protect her company and her shareholders, so she required paperwork to show that the housekeeper was in the country legally. Proper looking documents were provided and the housekeeper was hired. But recently the housekeeper admitted to Whitman that she had lied to get the job and that she is an illegal alien. Whitman promptly fired her.

In firing her house keeper, Whitman was merely complying with the law. Had she attempted to cover up the fact that she was knowingly employing an illegal, she would have been breaking the law. So Allred is suing Whitman for complying with the law. That usually doesn’t work, but that’s not Allred’s goal here anyway.

Whitman has the savvy and the money and the time to get her story out before the election. Gloria Allred will probably drop the case in a few days, or end up looking like a fool. Maybe both. That would not be anything new for her, she pulled a similar stunt to try to prevent Arnold from winning the governorship in “Cally-fornia.” It didn’t work, she made an ass of herself, and this will end about the same.

By the way, Whitman was paying her housekeeper $23 an hour. This housekeeper will regret ever meeting up with Gloria Allred.

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