Gloria Allred Gets Fried on Greta Van Susteren Show

Greta Van Susteren slams Gloria Allred and shows her for the left wing hack that she is. Allred’s client will be the one to get the short end of this. Allred is not trying to help the poor housekeeper down on her luck. She is using her to pursue a cheap political goal. I wonder if she cares one whit what happens to her client?

It’s fun to watch Allred’s smile fade as this video plays. It’s a beautiful thing.

Allred must have an iron clad ego. She’s been slammed hard on the Hugh Hewitt and Mark Levin radio shows. You can listen to Mark Levin smack her around here.

I just love it that these vile leftists are not getting a free ride any more. Lots of people are finally standing up to them and giving them a taste of their own medicine. Allred jumped the shark this time and it will never be the same for her. Heh.

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