Global warming will turn women into prostitutes?

Well, that’s what Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Lee says. There hasn’t seemed to be any global warming going on for the last 17 years, but put that aside for now.

The amount of warming predicted in future due to human existence is about 1° C, from a doubling of CO2. The warmers have another argument that the increase will more likely be three times that amount, or 3° C. Their argument is just three times the BS, but OK let’s allow that.

From my experience with women over several decades every increase in the temperature in a room or outdoors simply makes them happier. Whether it’s 1 or 3 degrees of increase pales compared to the current maximum differential between average temperatures in the United States. It’s about 24° C. That’s between Alaska and Florida. It’s 21° C between Minnesota and Florida. One or three more degrees doesn’t seem that it would matter much.

Barbara Lee would be on firmer ground if she were predicting that global warming will cause widespread outbreaks of female euphoria.

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