Global Warming True Believers Can’t Catch A Break From Mother Nature

Record cold weather across the U.S. and in Britain continues to plague the theory of anthropegenic global warming. As if doctored data, leaked emails, destruction of documents requested under freedom of information laws, and blocking peer review of scientific articles were not enough.

Check the following headlines for today:

Florida Governor Signs Emergency Order for Cold Weather

Coldest Orange Bowl on Record in Miami

Britain Prepares for Worst Snowstorm in 23 Years

And if the constant hammering of more cold weather from mother nature weren’t enough, there is this from the UKIP (UK Independence Party) which advocates withdrawal of Britain from the EU, and speaks out against the sham of man-made global warming, carbon taxes, and the global pillage and impoverishment sought by global warming proponents under the guise of “saving the planet.” This video shows snippets from the EU Parliament. It’s the sort of thing you will only see on the internet because the state-run media is not interested in it.

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