The global warming hoax alive and well in one small part of Wyoming

The Jackson Hole News and Guide of February 19, 2014 reported a story with the following headline: Teton residents blame people for hot planet. From the story:

A recent poll found that Teton County residents believe at rates far exceeding other parts of Wyoming that humans are to blame for climate change.

Eighty-four percent of county residents believe that the planet is warming and 75 percent think humans are mostly to blame. Those numbers surpass both the Equality State and national averages.

I sent the following letter to the Editor, which was printed in today’s edition [2-26-2014] of the paper”

It’s sad to think that a majority of Teton County residents have fallen for the global warming hoax. First, have they noticed that the planet is not exactly hot these days. There has been no warming for the last 15 years, and there is scientific evidence based on sunspot activity (or the lack thereof) that the Earth may be heading into a cooling period. Yeah, I know the climate alarmists are now advancing another crackpot theory that says global warming is causing global cooling. Right.

What we now call Minnesota and Wisconsin were buried under ice one mile thick just 15,000 years ago. It melted and the Great Lakes were formed. Did a few Inuits hunting woolly mammoths cause that with their campfires? From about 400 AD to 900 AD the Earth cooled considerably, causing crop failures, starvation and the Dark Ages. That period was followed by the medieval warm period followed again by the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about 1350 to 1850.

Point is, the Earth is always either warming or cooling. Humans don’t have much effect on that. Scientists who get government grants to study the global warming hoax have a powerful interest in getting a gullible public to believe otherwise.

Teton is the blue county in a red state.  Thanks to the Jackson Hole News & Guide editors for giving the people of Teton County the rest of story, namely that the history of planet Earth shows it has been warming and cooling since long before humans could possibly have been a factor.  I learned that somewhere around the fifth grade when I was growing up in Wyoming.  I guess they don’t teach these interesting facts to children any more.

The JHN&G story ends with this:

Most Americans — 83 percent — think the United States should make an effort to reduce global warming, even if it comes at an economic cost. That comes from a poll released by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication in February.

If humans are incapable of altering the climate, then the only result will be the economic cost. That “economic cost” will be a cost only to some. It will be an economic gain to others. The accounts always get settled among the winners and losers in all economic costs associated with any government program. Some pay the cost, others reap the gain. Sometimes the cost is in actual dollars paid either as taxes to the government or in higher prices for goods and services. The gains may be in actual dollars in the form of government grants and salaries, a special interest tax break, or in gaining a favorable advantage over one’s competitors in commerce.

If it is true that humans have only very small effects on climate, or perhaps none at all, attempts to reduce global warming will still result in economic costs paid by some to the benefit of others.  The result will be a needless and unfair re-distribution of wealth benefiting some, hurting others, with no overall benefit to the people at large.

If the Yale poll is correct then maybe H.L. Mencken was correct when he called the of American bourgeois the “booboisie” and characterized American democracy as “the worship of jackals by jackasses.”

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