Gingrich 38%, Romney 17% In National Poll of GOP Primary Voters

Latest Rasmussen poll says Newt Gingrich has surged to the largest national lead held by any candidate so far in the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

The  poll of Likely Republican Primary Voters finds Gingrich on top with 38% of the vote. Mitt Romney is a distant second at 17%, and no other candidate reaches double-digits.

Boy, I wish all the jabs I’ve been taking at Gingrich weren’t true.  But they are.  He’s a creep.

Romney’s poor showing in an interview with Fox News Chris Baier hurt him with a lot of people, and Gingrich’s stellar performance on Hannity was enhanced even more by the comparison.  He’s still a creep, but of course I’ll have to vote for him if he’s the nominee.  Why is it always like this?

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