Getting a perspective on feminism in the West

Rachel Edwards:

Feminism can only exist in the kinds of countries that are doing so well that they don’t have to consider eating rats for much needed sustenance. It can only exist in a place with enough human rights, to care that you as a woman are a little upset.

Feminism can only exist in countries where women can be smart enough to understand the concept of oppression; Yet stupid and coddled enough to believe that such words describe the country that they live in. In fact a country has to care about women period for feminism to even be a thing. You have to register as respectable human beings deserving of mercy, for a government to even care that you are walking around with signs and chanting.

Read the whole thing.

If you’re a feminist, especially if you’re a radical feminist, it will really get you going.  But what should get you going the most is to think about something that is coming your way that you really might not like. As millions of Islamists migrate to the West and refuse to assimilate because they believe their culture is superior to yours, some very unpleasant surprises are coming your way. You  might want to Google Rotherham.

For a more gentle introduction to your future check out Glenn Reynolds column, Before you complain about patriarchy, in USA Today. If you’re to be saved from that future it will because the sort of men you despise came to your rescue.

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