Gay marriage support data fraudster still lying

Nine days ago I posted about fraudulent scientific data purportedly showing voter support for gay marriage, Data on voter support for gay marriage faked. The fraudster in the case was one Michael LaCour, a UCLA graduate student.  Now a new report by Steven Hayward finds that LaCour is still lying, this time about academic awards he never received but has been claiming for a long time that he did. When called on it he deleted the phony references from his CV on his website, but only after a reporter put him on the spot. Now, he claims the false claims had been removed a year earlier.

You’ll want to read the story of how he got caught, it’s rather amusing.

This is what liars do when they get caught. They try to cover their tracks with more lies. Hayward says LaCour apparently doesn’t know The First Law of Holes, which says that if you’re in one, stop digging.

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