From Deification to Demonization; From Worship to Hatred

From the deification of Barack Obama to the demonization of Donald Trump, from court jesters for Obama to attack dogs against Trump, the media buffoons that worshiped Obama and hold a visceral hatred of Trump are living on the dichotomous extreme end of every spectrum, unable to see anything in the middle. Whether this affliction is individual or group think, it’s dangerous to the mental health of the all who fall into it. If either loving or loathing are the only response you have most of life’s mystery and marvel will remain out of view.

Today’s media moguls saw only perfection in Obama and now see only reprehensible flaws in Trump. Obama was/is a god to them, Trump is the devil. This has caused them to misjudge both men, their failures and achievements. The media thus is the architect of its own downfall, such that this reader comment from America’s Media Meltdown by Victor Davis Hanson has resonance with many today:

I don’t know if I’m emblematic of a trend but I’ve cut the cable this summer. I surf the internet and I have my blogs I read but I do not subscribe to a newspaper anymore nor do I watch network and cable tv. There are no programs or pundits that I trust. I don’t believe anything I hear and only half of what I see.

I don’t know either if it’s a trend, but I think the media meltdown is real and will eventually have untoward consequences for the split-brained “journalists” in the American Media. Obama is not a god, and Trump is not the devil.

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