Fracking Is OK Say UK’s Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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The review examined the scientific and engineering evidence relating to the environmental and health and safety risks associated with the onshore extraction of shale gas. Findings that led to the conclusion that the practice could be undertaken safely include:

• Hydraulic fracturing is an established technology that has been used by the oil and gas industries for many decades in the UK; [and in the USA]

• The risks of contamination of aquifers from fractures is very low provided that shale gas extraction takes place at depths of many hundreds of metres; [usually done at depths of a mile or more below ground water]

• Seismicity (or earth tremors) induced by hydraulic fracturing is likely to be of a smaller magnitude than the UK naturally experiences or than is related to coal mining activities, which are, of themselves, low by world standards;

• Open ponds for storing wastewater (which have been historically used in US fracking operations and carry a possible risk of leakage) are not permitted in the UK and there are numerous facilities in the UK for the treatment of similar wastes from the industrial sector; [those wastewater ponds in the USA are usually lined to prevent seepage into the groundwater; evaporation gets rid of the water and then the remaining waste, if any, is scooped up and disposed of using environmentally sound methods]

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