Four Types of people like socialism

Four types of people like socialism:

  1. People in government who think they can spend other people’s money better than those who earned the money.
  2. People not in government who think the government can spend the money earned by the people better than the people can.
  3. People who think the government will take money from other people and give it to them.
  4. People who believe in magic.
  5. College students/graduates who cannot explain what socialism is but just know they like it because.…Well, they don’t know why they like it they just do. When they try to explain socialism they usually describe capitalism.  They don’t know what that is either.

I said there were four but then I thought of another one, so there’s five. Socialism Ruins Nations and Destroys Economies — It’s sad that people have to suffer the consequences of their own experience before they understand.

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