Found: A smart mayor and 10 savvy county commissioners

In Loudon County, Tennessee:

Loudon County commissioners voted 10 to zero Monday night to take down warning signs that prohibit firearms inside the county’s office building.

This idea was pitched by recently elected Loudon County Mayor Rollen “Buddy” Bradshaw, who says this move is all about safety.

“What the gun signs in effect did was disarm a law abiding citizen, and I didn’t feel comfortable being a part of that,” said Mayor Bradshaw. “I think this makes us safer. In my opinion removing the signs is the same thing as removing a bullseye.”

Sounds like they know 92% of mass shootings since 2009 have occurred in “gun-free” zones, and they decided to stop being a target rich environment for crazed killers.

There needs to be more of this.

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