Former Jihadist Has Second Thoughts — Calls For Islamic Reformation

The 8-minute video below deserves to be watched carefully.

We hear a lot about “moderate Muslims” and always have to ask “where are they?” If by “moderate” is only meant that there are Muslims who don’t commit terrorist acts, it makes a mockery of the notion of moderation. In that sense there were moderate Nazis. We cannot conclude that Muslims who do not commit acts of violence and terrorism do not support those acts when they refuse to speak out against the violence and condemn it. After all, Jews and Christians do speak out vociferously against any violence committed in the name of christianity or Judaism, when it rarely happens.

The video is an interview in Israel of Dr. Tawfik Hamid, an Egyptian muslim and a former terrorist. He became radicalized by his fellow Muslims while in medical school. After participating in Jihadist terrorism he had an attack of conscious when he was asked to help kill a policeman by burying him alive beside a mosque. Suddenly he thought that a just and loving god would not countenance such depravity and that he could no longer be a part of it. He now calls for Islam to make peace with Israel and the West.

When asked who the Islamic radicals consider their enemy Dr. Hamid says:

“Women’s rights were the first enemy for us. Strange, but this was the first enemy, truly. …That’s why when you see radical groups, the first thing they do is they suppress women. The first thing, before anything else, they tell women not to go out, to wear the hijab….[T]he first enemy was not a political enemy; it was women’s rights. This is what we typically hated, and the West represented for us the guardian of women’s rights.”

On the demand that the West make concessions to Islamic terrorists:

“Never do concessions to radicals. The moment you do concessions, the more they attack you. For example, when radicals attacked US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, the response was weak. This…encouraged the radicals of al-Qaeda to attack the US again on September 11, in three years. So too the cartoon issue with the Prophet Mohammed. The radicals didn’t demonstrate for a four-month period — until the magazine apologized. Then they started demonstrating. So concessions mean nothing for them but a green light , an invitation to attack you more. So my advice to you: never do concessions.”

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