For Democrats, This Is What It’s Come To…

Every once in a while something so good, so truthful, something written that really nails it, I want every one to read it. The Bill Thomas piece at American Greatness is one of those.

Chinese Takeout — In 2018, China declared war on the United States. Few Americans are aware of this, and most who are don’t take it seriously. Donald Trump does—and Beijing knows it.

No American should have any doubts that the American Left is aligned with Communist China in many ways, the most important being that both Democrats and Chi Coms want Donald Trump out of the White House. Donald Trump has thwarted the Chi Coms at nearly every turn. They aren’t used to that. They hate it, and the hate Trump.

Past presidents both Republican and Democrat have been complicit with the PRC in moving most of American manufacturing to China. Nearly everything we buy today, from Aspirin to pot and pans to much of the clothing we wear comes from China. The terms of trade favor China and impair the U.S. economy. Unlike past administrations, Trump is aware of this and has set out to change all of it. Here is what they hate him the most for — he’s been largely successful in getting them to accept his proposed deals that make is harder for them to lie, cheat and steal from the United States.

No matter how much the Democrats hate Trump, the Chi coms hate him more.

Here is a sample from the Bill Thomas piece at American Greatness:

… For Democrats, this is what it’s come to: A last attempt to drive down support for Trump by doing everything they can to heighten public fear of the coronavirus and extend for as long as possible the resulting economic disruption.

As demands to open businesses increase in states around the country, Democrats’ target date for getting Americans back to work is 18 months from now. By which time, they hope, Trump’s plan to restart the economy will have backfired, and they’ll be running what’s left of the country, Green New Deal-style.

China would like nothing better. In October 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared a 30-year war on the United States. When the war is over in 2049, the 100th anniversary of Communist Party rule, China expects to be victorious economically, politically and, if necessary, militarily. This is something about which few Americans are aware, and most who are don’t take it seriously. Donald Trump does – and Beijing knows it…

After failing repeatedly, Democrats and their allies think they finally have the perfect one-two combination – spiked Chinese bat flu along with a sci-fi panic attack – for getting rid of Trump and capitalism once and for all. The Democratic Party, the media and a newly aggressive China have morphed into a single opposition, and the one person capable of rallying the nation to fight back and win is Donald Trump…

At this point the only thing that can save the Chinese Communist Party from a reckoning long overdue is a Democrat in the White House.

Because of the coronavirus, the 2020 campaign will be a debate about political systems, economics and national security, issues that play to the strengths that helped Trump win in 2016. And, as president, he can use campaign events, as Reagan did, to spell out the options in language every voter understands.

Will the United States be held hostage and eventually dominated by China and its Democratic Party collaborators, or will it “Stay the course,” as Reagan put it?

If the Democrats take over, the answer is obvious. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America (USSA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Communist China…

Please, go to the link above and read the whole thing.

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