Florida Teachers’ Association Doesn’t Want Teachers to be Able to Shoot Back

Florida Teachers’ Association has asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to veto legislation passed by the Florida lawmakers that would allow teachers to shoot back at school shooters. The governor had already said he will veto the new law.  Florida Democrats in the house voted unanimously against it but it passed anyway by the Republican majority.

Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Teachers’ Association want fewer Joel Myricks and more Dave Sanders.

Joel Myrick was the assistant principle who stopped a school shooting with his .45 pistol in Mississippi in 1997. Dave Sanders was the Columbine teacher who saved over 100 student lives by hustling them to safety only to lose his own life when he was shot from behind by Eric Harris. If Dave Sanders had a gun there is good reason to believe he would be alive today.

For some reason known only to people with lunatic brains, Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Teachers’  Association appear to be more horrified at the thought of teachers having guns than teachers and children being killed by a deranged killer.

Ironically, even though Joel Myrick stopped a school shooting with his own gun, saving countless lives, he now sides with the Governor and the Teaches’ Association.

It will take someone with great understanding of abnormal psychology to sort that one out. It’s way beyond my ken. No one is proposing to call a school assembly to pass out guns to teachers. All proposals involved extensive training on a law enforcement level for those teachers who volunteer to become sheep dogs guarding innocent and vulnerable school students. I for one cannot imagine a higher calling.

These days it seems we have a lot of people who need to watch a Gary Cooper, Kirk Douglas, Humphrey Bogart, James Garner or John Wayne movie to see what an actual man looked like in the Olden Days. But it’s not just men teachers who would receive training and be armed.

That’s the great thing about Sam Colt’s equalizer. With a gun and a little instruction, women can be just as powerful against deranged shooters. In Olden Days many women were.

[The featured image for this post is a photo taken by me in Acre, Israel in 2002. In Israel whenever children are taken on an educational outing a person with a gun must accompany them. My photo has appeared in various places around the internet. I have no objection to that but I appreciate being given credit for it]


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