Florida has found a way to prevent school shootings

What is the best way to prevent school shootings? By arming teachers, of course.

Not all teachers will be armed, only those who agree to take a 144-hour firearms training class. All could be armed if all get the training. Not all will want to do that, and that’s OK. Knowing that some are armed the killers will have to take their chances. It won’t be obvious just which are and which are not carrying the ability to stop an active shooter in his tracks. That sort of uncertainty is a problem, even for the malignant-hearted murderers. They don’t want to be interrupted by anyone having the ability to stop them. Takes all the satisfaction of killing out of the equation for them.

Police are minutes away when seconds count


Florida has apparently accepted the self-evident truth that when guns are deployed by sickos it is only other people with guns that can stop them and prevent further mayhem.

Problem is, however, the good guys are not on the scene at the most critical moments. The police may be only minutes away, but when a shooter opens up on unarmed crowd, it’s seconds not minutes that count.


Cheryl Chumley writes at the Washington Times:

Teachers in Florida will soon be able to carry arms into classrooms.

And contrary to what the groaners on the left will say, that means Florida is poised to become one of the safest states in the nation for little kids and teens to go to school.

The House voted 65 to 47 in favor of the bill; the Senate, 22 to 17; the governor, Republican Ron DeSantis is poised to sign it into law. 

Post-Parkland, the horrific Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left dead 17 students and staff members, lawmakers pressed forward a bill that gave some officials the ability to bring guns into school buildings. But it also imposed a three-day waiting period on firearms’ purchases and increased legal buying ages of rifles to 21.

Waiting periods to buy guns don’t make sense because and FBI background check is already required to legally purchase a gun. If a gun buyer passed the instant background check there is little reason to hold up the delivery of the gun for three days. A law-abiding citizen won’t be any more law abiding 3 days later than they are at the point of purchase.

If age 18 is official adulthood I don’t believe anything is accomplished by denying the right to self defense to those between 18 and 21. This needless provision must have been a compromise to get more support for the bill to arm teachers. It is needless and feckless because it will have no effect on the black hearts of killers. For a deranged jerk willing to murder innocent people, It’s a small step to break these laws. Many if not most active shooters don’t obtain their guns legally anyway.

Chumley continues:

The naysayers can naysay. 

But the fact is: We live in a world where mental illness is rampant, where violence is masked as entertainment, where legal and illegal prescription drug use has resulted in deranged behaviors, where broken homes bring forth dysfunctional kids, where the rotten culture breeds low and no tolerance for absolutes, for rights versus wrongs — where God has been removed from most of the public arena. And one of the consequences of this world has been shootings in schools that have killed and harmed innocents.

The left likes to say the whole problem with school violence stems from the availability of guns. But this is not a problem of guns. It’s a problem with hearts and minds and souls.

Until we treat it as such — until we treat the shootings and violence and attacks and killings as the sicknesses of the mind and soul they are — then we’re really only treating symptoms.

When a gun-toting individual with the intent of killing enters a school, it’s too late to treat his or her twisted mind, blackened heart, darkened soul. The only way to fight and save innocents is with a gun.

Active killers are no different than rabid dogs and must be treated the same way.

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