Finger Friend

It’s a baby marmoset, a New World monkey that is about 8 inches long at maturity.  Adult marmosets are not nearly as cute as this little guy.  They live in the upper canopy of forest trees in the jungles of South America.  They eat insects, fruit and leaves.

One of nature’s smallest primates clinging to the finger of one of nature’s largest primates.   These little guys exhibit some primitive features, notice he has claws instead of fingernails.

They are social animals, living in groups of 3-15 and sharing child rearing and food.  Omigod! They’re socialists! No wait, they only share food and child-rearing chores with members of their group who reciprocate by doing their share of caring for the young and contributing to the total cache of  food. I guess they’re capitialists. Whew!

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