Feral cats do more good than harm

5 ways feral cats do more good than harm

This is amazing.

The Big Island of Hawaii, and the others as well I suppose, has lots of feral cats.  They’re not the typical skinny runts you’d expect. They don’t look like death warmed over, as the ones I saw in Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon did.  I guess that’s because people in Hawaii feed them.  But they do a pretty good job of feeding themselves as well. They do what the mongoose have always failed to do:  they eat rats.  Your ordinary house cat would lose a fight with a rat, and you’d have an enormous vet bill. But feral cats have survived under Darwinian rules and they’re tough little buggers.

The ones in Hawaii like to hang around humans (cause they get fed).  I used to find 2 or 3 of them standing at attention outside the screen of the sliding doors to the bedroom of my condo every morning (you never have to worry about them coming inside, they absolutely will not).  I’d usually give them some milk and then they’d hang around lying on the deck near my feet like pets while I read the miserable Honolulu newspaper. At any time of the day one might pop up on the short wall around the deck for a few minutes as if to stop in to say hello.

Hanging around is what they like to do, submitting to being petted was always a no go, however.

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