Fascinating new theory on the Trump/Mueller investigation

First is the central question of why did Trump’s own DOJ give the special counsel appointment of Robert Mueller to the NeverTrumpers practically as a gift. It was Trump’s own DOJ that appointed Mueller to investigate Trump. Does that happen very often? Has it ever happened before?

Well, there was an independent prosecutor in Watergate, but Archibald Cox was appointed to investigate a specific crime, the Watergate burglary by operatives from Republican National Committee.  When Cox subpoenaed tapes and documents from the White House, Nixon fired him. The press wasted no time dubbing the firing of Cox as the “Saturday Night Massacre.” Cox was not appointed for the express purpose of investigating Richard Nixon.

Robert Mueller was appointed not to investigate a particular crime that had been committed, and for which there was evidence to substantiate probable cause to believe that a crime had actually been committed. Mueller was appointed on the basis of rumors alone, that there might have been collusion between the Trump campaign and “the Russians” and that it might have thrown the 2016 election. If so, this might have been a crime. Probable cause to believe this was wholly lacking. There was no evidence beyond the Democrat rumor mill. The appointment of Mueller looks like a fishing expedition in hopes of finding evidence to provide the missing probable cause.

Trump could have fired Mueller at any point, and could still do so if he so desired. Democrats may wish he would, given what happened to Nixon after he fired Archibald Cox. Trump insists he has no intention of firing Mueller. The example set by Nixon probably has something to do with that, but it’s still a question to be answered. The Nixon/Cox experience probably has some bearing on the issue, but it also may be a minor consideration in Trump’s mind.  Trump may have other reasons that are much more interesting.

There are a couple of theories that are floating around and have been for some time. We know the first two. The first is most puerile of all, that Trump is an incompetent boob. He’s a bumbling fool that doesn’t know what he’s doing. Let’s dismiss that one right away. Trump didn’t blunder his way to spectacular success in the snake pit of New York City’s commercial real estate market. That took some moxie.

The second is only a little less likely than the first. It is that Mueller is really on Trump’s side and will expose the Democrats for the fools and miscreants they are. This one is out of the question horribly deplorably wrong. Trump may be a Republican but his standing the swamp of the Washington DC establishment is solid. To Mueller and his kind Trump is an outsider that does not belong where he is and must be dispatched with haste. Mueller must be very disappointed that after a year of digging and scratching he has still not found the magic bullet the will finally take Trump down.

The third one is more believable because it fits with Trump’s history and his personality. This one is that Trump wants Mueller to do exactly what he is doing because it is going to blow up in his and the Democrats’ faces. Trump knows there is no evidence to  be found of any collusion with Russia. He knows this because there wasn’t any collusion, at least not by Trump or his campaign. There was collusion with Russia by the Hillary Campaign and the FBI. We’re learn more details of that every week that goes by. It’s all going to come out and it’s going to be hard for Democrats to explain it, but they’ll try and the corrupt media will do it best to help them.

When it all comes out and Mueller appears a fool, Trump supporters will be having orgasms. This one is more believable because it appears it’s already happening. Mueller has been discrediting himself and his investigation lately, and this will continue.

This headline from today’s Washington Post offers some evidence for theory No. 3: “Mueller criticism grows to a clamor — FBI Conspiracy Claim Takes Hold — Driven by activists, GOP lawmakers, Trump tweets.” No link because its all behind a paywall I won’t pay money to read it.

Trump could be smiling right now, thinking something like, “Bring it on Robby.”

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