False charges of racism reveal racism of accusers

Found this in a post at American Greatness by Roger Kimball. It’s quite good, so I decided to share it here. Trump and race, Trump is called racist by liberals, over and over again. Yet, as far as I can tell Trump never says a racist word nor does anything that can be deemed as racist.  His critics have no evidence that Trump is a racist, but like Joseph Geobbels (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda) they believe that if you say something enough times it will become the truth. That is, people will perceive it as the truth even when it’s not.

In this regard Kimball refers to “the philosopher Sidney Hook, who, writing about the danger of spurious charges of “racism” and kindred epithets, noted:

As morally offensive as is the expression of racism wherever it is found, a false charge of racism is equally offensive, perhaps even more so, because the consequences of a false charge of racism enable an authentic racist to conceal his racism by exploiting the loose way the term is used to cover up his actions. The same is true of a false charge of sexism or anti-Semitism. This is the lesson we should all have learned from the days of Senator Joseph McCarthy. Because of his false and irresponsible charges of communism against liberals, socialists, and others among his critics, many communists and agents of communist influence sought to pass themselves off as Jeffersonian democrats or merely idealistic reformers. They would all complain they were victims of red-baiting to prevent criticism and exposure.

Well said, huh? One could use parts of this to accurately describe all the race-baiting and ad hominem attacks by liberals against conservatives. Trump and race.



Often those who attempt to play the race card end up looking like racists themselves, or just idiots. The Atlantic was once a respectable magazine but we see now what it has become.

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