Exposed: Climate Con — Climate Myths

The idea that man-made climate change is one of the greatest threats we face or even is a threat in any way, shape or form is nonsense and the hoax of this whole movement can be summed up in the ridiculous claim that government can regulate the climate.

Many want you to believe that if you just give government more money and more power it will save us from catastrophe. In truth, the only catastrophe we face is people like Al Gore and his supplicants like Alexandria O’Crazy-Cortez trying to trick us into giving in to their myth making. They are liberals in the liberalism sense of resentment and a demand for power disguised as compassion.

The danger we face is them, not the climate.

The climate hoaxers try to scare us with their fictitious claims. Man-made climate change is simply not possible. We are not superhuman creatures, we don’t have the ability or power to alter the climate. One spectacular failure of the climate hoaxers was a supposedly vast decline in polar bear numbers due to vanishing sea ice. But it turns out just the opposite is happening. Polar bears are doing just fine, and their numbers are increasing.

Why anyone expect otherwise? Polar bears evolved 150,000 years ago from brown bears. They’ve lived through a lot of climate change in that time, including the receding of the last ice age about 12,000 years ago. Polar bears have done what most animals alive today have done. They adapt, and they will continue to adapt, with or without Al Gore.

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