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The internet is awash with stories of the Hillary Clinton campaign making multiple charges against the credit cards of donors who intended to make a one-time donation of $25. Apparently, after the first charge the Clinton Campaign then makes multiple additional charges the donor did not authorize. In typical fashion, the Clinton Campaign tries to weasel out by claiming it’s the donor’s fault for not making it clear that they intended only a one-time donation and did not intend to sign up for recurring donations. The manner of the recurring charges made by the campaign makes this look unlikely, and the complainants say they cannot get the Hillary Campaign to stop the charges ever after multiple phone calls.

Most of the complainents are elderly women who can’t afford the recurring charges to their credit cards. These are the people Hillary claims to care about. As per usual, it’s only the money she can extract from their credit cards that she cares about.

A Google search of “Clinton Campaign overcharge donors” will bring up dozens of news stories. The best are Liz Crokin at the Observer, Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors, and Ashe Schow at the Washington Examiner, Clinton campaign may have overcharged donors.

Snopes wafffles and claims these stories are “undetermined” to be true. Snopes claims this because, they say, the story is based on only one source. I’ll snope Snopes on this. I’ve read about of dozen of these stories out of the several dozen available and it’s clear there are many more than just one source. A cite to regularly snope Snopes in needed because it is clearly not non-partisan.

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