Escape from political correctness, find happiness

Former Professor of Management for 20 years at California State, Loretta Breuning had a collision with reality one day and realized that political correctness was distorting her perception of the world around her. She realized she was forcing herself to adopt the prevailing belief system to avoid unpleasant confrontations. She saw that people who question progressive assertions are ridiculed, shunned, and attacked. The desire to avoid the ire of others leads to preference falsification and the mental discomfort of cognitive dissonance.

Ms. Breuning has written a self-help book for those who want to escape political correctness, How I Escaped Political Correctness — And You Can Too

Devotion to the god of political correctness makes people unhappy, makes them believe nonsense. This enlightenment gave her the strength to escape, to learn to live with reality, and to find a new birth of freedom. Since in the long run reality is not optional, one must learn to deal with it.

Political correctness is a toxic brew that makes people unhappy by creating unrealistic expectations of utopia, and fanning the flames of resentment and jealousy. Envy and resentment are stone cold killers of happiness. They’re destructive of mental health.

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